All Consultations for Cosmetic Tattooing are $50 and redeemable towards your first treatment

Hairstroke/ Microbladed Brows

$450 1st session 2nd session $245

Feathertouch Brows

$450 1st session 2nd session $245

Combination Brows soft powder fill with hair strokes otherwise known as ombré brows

$450 1st session 2nd session $245

Filling in the Gaps

For those wanting to keep their natural Brows but fill in a few sparse gaps


Colour Correction

Sessions needed may vary depending on the amount of pigment and condition of Skin


Eyelash Enhancement

A very Natural look your eyes will pop & nobody will know !

$390 including 2nd session if needed

Eyeliner Top

$390 1st session $140 2nd session

Eyeliner Top & Bottom

$550 1st session $140 2nd session

Lip Line & Blend

$640 Including 2nd session

Lip Line

$390 Including 2nd session

2nd sessions must be done no later than  4-12weeks

Extra charges will apply beyond this time

Teeth Whitening

$220 1st session

$150 2nd session

Collagen Induction Therapy

$300 per treatment x4 $1000

Tattoo Removal

Starting at $80 per session

Laser services

IPL starting from $49

Photo rejuvenation starting from $100

Spider/ Thread Vein starting from $49